Innovative Hair Color Ideas with GKhair Juvexin Lightening Cream

Embracing a bold statement with the help of fashion and hair color ideas is an ever-evolving trend. From rich platinum blondes to striking purples – everything goes over a solid matter of expression. GKhair artists see the hair as their canvas, in which a story can be told just by looking at one’s hairstyle. In line with this whole new artful hair inspiration, GKhair Italy’s Artistic Director, Federico Longo showcases his hair creations through GKhair’s line of professional hair care products. Innovation at its finest. Artistic Director Federico Longo featured two incredibly creative looks achieved perfectly with Juvexin hair colors and professional hair tools from GKhair. From the drastically different end of the color spectrum, these colors showcase some of the vibrancy in the hair color ideas. With fine tuning involved to each look, from the color technique to the cut and finishing. Artistic Director Federico Longo chooses GKhair products to achieve these works of art. GKhair would like to introduce the inspiration behind the looks Kotryna Yellow and Violet Obsession. Exquisitely Delicate – Kotryna Yellow Yellow is a color that symbolizes energy, radiance, and joy while platinum is a color that translates sensuality, purity, and boldness. Kotryna Yellow is a look out of the flawless marriage of the two hair dye colors, concocted to perfection. According to Artistic Director Federico Longo, the exquisite energy drawn by the Sun Goddesses was the key inspiration behind this hairstyle. With the use of GKhair’s Juvexin Cream Color technology, the platinum blonde was easily achieved for the model’s hair. In addition to this, the hair color turned out superbly gorgeous and healthy up to the last strand. KOTRYNA YELLOW. GKhair Juvexin Lightening Cream, Hair Color Ideas GKhair Lightening Cream was used to achieve the perfect platinum blonde. This product features advanced lightening and conditioning properties that lighten the color fast, while keeping the hair at its healthiest state. After achieving desirable sophisticated platinum blonde tones, Federico proceeded with the Juvexin Cream Color Yellow Mixtone on the lower section of the partition just right under the platinum blonde shade. The GKhair Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner duo were used to provide maximum protection and moisture to the hair after processing the hair color. To finish the hair was styled to perfection using GKhair’s Salon Professional Styling Tools. The GKhair Feather Light Blow Dryer was used along with ThermalStyleHer to create volume to the hair. The hairstyle was parted on the center and both sections were delicately curled outwards using the GKhair D600 Flat Iron. Finish off with Strong Hold Hairspray for hold and Dry Oil Shine Spray for shine. For the other look, spray VolumizeHer at the roots of the hair throughout and apply ThermalStyleHer through the ends of the hair before blow drying. The fine curls were achieved using GKhair 4 in One Curling Iron. The look was finished with Strong Hold Hairspray and Dry Oil Shine Spray. Fearless and Fabulous – Violet Obsession For this innovative hairstyle, GKhair’s Juvexin Lightening Cream was also used in order to pre-lighten the hair and allow the artist to achieve this distinct purple hair color idea tone to perfection. Violet Obsession is all about superior shine and divine luster that graces over a deep and dusky shade of violet. This hair color is a bold take on the trendy pastel hues. While the disparity between the trendy lighter colors and this deep violet shade is quite immense, it shares one quality – luminescence. The look defines the violet hair idea as something more lustrous and iridescent; making the overall look more appealing. violet obsession, GKhair, color ideas, After coloring, the hair was washed with GKhair’s Juvexin Shield Shampoo and Conditioner. The Violet Obsession look also required the help of GKhair’s Sweet Mix. This optimized cocktail of GKhair’s Leave In Cream and Serum delivers a decadent amount of shine and moisture to the hair. Dimensional Haircut A graduated diagonal shape along with perfect layers was carried out in order to finish the hairstyle. To keep the fringe and layers in place, ThermalStyleHer was applied and the hair was blow dried to perfection using GKhair’s Feather Light Blow Dryer.