Common Hairstyling Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Hair plays a very integral role in shaping one’s personality. Natural texture and type are one thing but the way you decide to carry it has an even greater impact. Whether you decide to let it dance with the wind, or you go for a pretty up-do, there are some common hairstyling mistakes we make in the process of making it look marvelous. Although we cannot avoid doing them but we can reduce the damage they do.



Heat styling

The allure of smooth and shiny, perfect hair is too much to let us stop using heat styling tools for styling our hair. Although we know that this practice is the key most of our styling woes, we simply can’t resist it. In the long run, excessive heat styling can damage the hair making it appear dull and rough. Similarly, sometimes, owing to the high temperature setting of a tool you're using or a technical fault can practically fry your hair on the spot. Therefore it is important that you choose the right tools and operate these devices with the utmost care to avoid these accidents. It is also a wise move to use a heat protectant before going for heat styling.Hairstyling mistakes - excessive heatstyling

Intensive braiding

Braids are fun and pretty, and everyone, with any type of hair can completely rock them in one way or the other. In intricate styles like cornrows and multiple braids, you pull at your strands ruthlessly, applying physical tension on the follicles. This disturbs the ability of follicles to regulate moisture and nutrients in the hair. Furthermore, intricate weaving can damage and cause breakage in your strands if you keep them braided for a long time. Therefore, you should avoid not only braids, but all tight and complicated updos as much as possible. Instead, always try to opt for a loose hairstyle which allows the follicles to work breathe and work efficiently. There will be days when you style your hair perfectly but you feel that it lacks the fresh, pretty appearance. You can always spray on GK Hair Dry Oil Shine Spray to fix this. It adds instant shine to your hair without weighing it down or leaving unwanted residue.Hairstyling mistakes - braiding

Using a comb while hairstyling can be harsh!

Combing and brushing are unavoidable since the hair strands tend to get entangled after a night’s sleep, in blowing wind and what not! Excessive combing and brushing can damage your hair’s cuticle and can result in breaking. Usually we cause more hair than normal to fall off while yanking at our hair with a comb ruthlessly. It is therefore never advisable to comb too much, especially when the hair is wet. Wet hair is weaker and therefore more susceptible to damage. Another hairstyling practice of back-combing or teasing your hair is very much common. It can give you a fuller appearance, with more volume and buff. However, running a comb through your hair, against the direction of cuticle layer which opens towards the tips of your hair, is very damaging.

Besides, combing can impart an electrostatic charge to your hair which makes it appear frizzy and unkempt. And, let's face it, we always need a comb or a brush to detangle our hair, in the process of which, we break many strands. A good solution is to use a serum which would help to reduce friction among your strands, making it easier and milder for you to detangle it. GK Hair  Serum is a very desirable product in this regard, being a blend of argan oil and natural silicones, fortified with Juvexin.