Heat Styling Woes and their Solutions

No matter how you decide to style your hair on any given day, it is bound to involve damaging it in one way or the other. Whether you tug at your strands brutally while pulling it up in an up-do, or decide to blow dry them and let them fall free and pretty, you’re undeniably going harsh on them. Here are a few ways heat styling is adversely affecting your hair and measures you can take to minimize them. Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons drain essential proteins and natural oils from the hair. Therefore, recurring use of these tools requires extra care. It still doesn’t stop us from using them because in the list of a girl’s favorite toys, these tools fall within top-10. However, it is possible to keep these damages at bay, if not completely avoided, in some simple ways.

Choosing the Right Heat Styling Tool

The wrong dryer can suck the very life out of hair strands and practically fry them. And doesn’t blow drying the hair essentially feel like double the arm workout? Adding to the worst of it is the drying time, loss of shine and moisture, and the never ending frizz. The most essential features to drying hair efficiently are heat and speed. GKhair Ion Pro Blowdry is notably comfortable to hold and overall has the best combination of features. It has an Infrared technology, ionic technology, low noise, and cool shot function. Ionic technology helps to supply negatively charged particles with the air stream to prevent electrostatic charging. This ensures that there are no flyaways after blow drying. With Infrared technology, there is an even distribution of heat which makes the blow drying process fast and effective.

Use a Heat Protectant

While dealing with heat styling, any expert would advise that a heat protectant can prevent damage. Heat protectants come in form of creams and sprays. We have all - to an extent - been wronging our hair by exposing it to raw heat from flat irons and scorching air of blow-dryers. GKhair ThermalStyleHer Cream is a heat activated styling cream that creates a smooth finish while conditioning and moisturizing hair. This heat protectant for hair is an ideal product to use before and after styling with heat tools. Fortified with Juvexin – GKhair’s keratin – and made with natural silicones and natural seed oils, it leaves hair silky, beautiful and protected.Heat Styling - Always apply a heat protectant before exposing your hair to heat There is a certain attraction in heat styling because it leaves the hair with a proper catered to look. However, it is something one should never compromise with. Henceforth, it is mandatory that you take extreme caution with it and not compromise on the quality of products and tools that you use. ThermalStyleHer is a heat protectant that is formulated solely prioritizing hair health. Similarly, Ion Pro Blow Dry combines latest technology in one tool to make your blow drying experience the best every single time. With this tool, hair that had once appeared dry and brittle has now a shot at looking shiny and healthy.