A saying goes “A girl who is about to change the color of her hair is about to change the course of her life”. Adding color to your mane doesn’t just give it dimension but also gives you a bold new look. Hair trends are ever-changing and choices are endless. Maintaining color-treated hair and keeping the color from prematurely fading is what makes it worth the effort. Additionally, taking measures to prevent hair color from fading ensures better vibrancy and longevity of the color, lesser faded hues. This then leads to a better-looking mane.

The most common question first time hair color enthusiasts have is, ‘How to maintain color-treated hair?’. There are numerous myths on the internet regarding the upkeep of colored hair. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed and in many cases, get over the idea of getting your hair colored in a shade of your choice. These 3 expert-approved tips will break these internet-fad myths and help you better understand your hair. You can be one of those women who wears her favorite hue on her mane and takes the world by storm, one colored hair flip at a time.


Color-treated hair requires extra attention and care. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner increases the longevity of your color and prevents premature fading of the color. Using a regular shampoo and conditioner (One that is not specifically formulated for color hair) will let the color fade away quicker, and the hair will also be devoid of the additional moisture and nourishment it may need. It is also a no-no when it comes to hair products with Sulfates as they strip the hair of moisture and make the hair dull.

We recommend the


to not just protect your color-treated hair but to give it that added boost of health and shine for a longer duration. The duo adds healthy goodness to the hair, protects color, and adds to its longevity. The mild ingredients in this shampoo are extremely gentle on the color-treated hair, with effective cleansing and color-protecting properties.

Here are some important tips that you might need to keep in mind when considering shampooing and conditioning your color-treated hair.

  • Always opt for hair products formulated for color-treated hair
  • Opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner duo
  • Avoid Chlorine-treated water at all costs
  • Do not use hot water to wash your hair
  • Wash your hair less often
At times when your hair turns greasy and a shower is not on your to-do list, use the DRY SHAMPOO, which is absolutely safe to use on colored hair


HOW TO PREVENT HAIR COLOR FROM FADING Treat your hair to a nourishing Masque that soothes your tresses and gives an added dose of nutrition and vibrance. Using leave-in creams and hair Masque like the LOCK ME COLOR MASQUE revives hair, deep conditions hair from root to tip, quenching porous hair, and preventing dullness and breakage. Choose a mask that offers UV protection to protect color-treated hair from the harmful effects of the sun. Because the harsh effects of the sun also causes the color to fade. Another magical product for colored hair is the JUVEXIN COLOR SEALING. It is enriched with Juvexin - a natural keratin protein blend, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. It locks in color for a longer duration and protects hair from harmful UV/UVA rays. The end result - nourished and smooth colored hair with an added dose of protection.


HOW TO PREVENT HAIR COLOR FROM FADING Using a heat protectant and sensible styling tools may seem like a very generic piece of advice. Styling your hair without the right protection can strip away the color and hydration from your hair. When hair loses its natural moisture, it can become dry and brittle, making hair look and feel lifeless. The THERMALSTYLEHER is an ideal pick for women who enjoy occasionally straightening or curling their hair with the heat styling tools. It is possible to maintain color-treated hair and still enjoy the perks of styling. Choose a hair protectant that specifically caters to colored hair, nourishes, protects, and keeps the color vibrant. Colored hair needs extra hydration in addition to protection and for that, we recommend the THERMALSTYLEHER as a pre-styling aide and hair protectant. If you are a blonde you can also use LEAVE-IN BOMBSHELL CREAM to ensure that your hair gets a healthy boost of hydration before you style your hair so that it doesn’t end up looking brittle and dry. Choosing the tool itself is another crucial task. It is a safe pick to opt for flat irons with titanium plates. This ensures heat is evenly distributed to eliminate excess heat damage to the strands. The smart control on most hair irons enables you to control the temperature and avoid subjecting hair to excess heat. Coloring your hair is a fun experience. Make sure to exercise these simple tips so that you can enjoy beautiful, vibrant hair for longer. We hope you now have all it takes to prevent your hair color from fading.