Popular Blonde Hair Color Shades and Ideas


Blonde hair color is beautiful! It illuminates your face and goes with almost every skin tone. As it came in different tones and shades, from Platinum to honey hues, golden shades and dirty blondes, there are many options for everyone. That's why more women are deciding to change their hair to this color. If you are considering joining the blonde squad, here we recommend you some blonde options available in GKhair color products.


Platinum Blonde:

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Platinum blonde is a trending hair color and many celebrities have color their hair in this shade. The color is most favorable for fair or neutral skin tones. People with cool skin tones can also go for this hair color. There are many shades in a platinum blonde color as well. GKhair’s Platinum Blonde Color shade number is 10.1.

Ash Blonde:

Ash Blonde, Platinum, GKhair, Blonde, Girl in Black

There is a shade of grey and blonde in this hair color. It makes you look classy and sophisticated. The ash blonde hair color looks great with short hair too. The hair color is for lighter skin tones with pink undertones but also goes with warmer skin tones. GKhair’s Ash Blonde is at number 7.1. You can get different shades of ash blonde at 7.11 (Intense Ash Blonde), 10.11 (Intense Lightest Ash Blonde), 8.11 (Light Ash Blonde), and 6.11 (Dark Ash Blonde).

Golden Blonde:

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A darker to rich, golden-yellow blonde. It is a classy, sun kissed and radiant shade of blonde. A golden blonde can suit a warmer skin tone and a person with fair skin tones can also choose the shade. GKhair different shades of golden blonde are 5.3, 6.3, 7.3, 8.3 and 9.3.

Honey Blonde:

Honey Blonde, Blonde Hair, Blonde Girl, GKhair

A dark shimmery blond or Honey blonde enhances a naturally warm complexion and creates a rich blending tone that mixes up with dark roots for easier maintenance. It is a rich warm glowing blonde hair color. You can have your honey blonde with the GKhair color shade 8.43.

Rose Gold Blonde:

Strawberry blonde, GKhair, Blonde Girl

A blonde with shades of pink or reddish highlights. It consists of bright orange, deep red, auburn or chestnut shades. Redheads and blondes have tried it and loved it. Women with light brown or warm skin tones can also rock this blonde. Our shades of strawberry shades can be found on color shade 7.64, 7.66, 6.6 and 6.66.

GKhair Hair Color Range:

GKhair Juvexin Cream Color range offers 88+ color shades. You can choose from naturals, blondes, browns & more. GKhair offers vivid and vibrant shades with color lock formula and ceramides, 100% grey coverage, and shine. The ceramides in GKhair hair colors provide moisture and protein conditioning to achieve balance and strength, reducing the hair’s overall permeability. GKhair Cream Colors are infused with Juvexin which a Keratin anti-aging protein blend that restores hair to its youthful state while protecting against future damage.

How to Maintain Blonde Hair Color

People with blonde hair find it difficult to maintain their hair color. Blonde hair looks beautiful but the upkeep is tough. GKhair is the only brand to create a series of aftercare products specially for blonde hair. The Bombshell series by GKhair presents the Silver Bombshell Shampoo which is a special formulation for blonde hair. Washing your hair with the shampoo eliminates unwanted, brassy or gold tones making you beautifully blonde. GKhair Hot Bombshell Masque is specially designed to deep condition blonde hair and to strengthen hair without deteriorating hair color. GKhair has also created a special hair smoothing treatment; Miami Bombshell Taming Treatment, only for blonde hair so that blondes can enjoy straight, silky and frizz free hair without the fear of losing their hair color. All GKhair products are fortified with Juvexin Keratin to protect hair from any damage.