Teamwork Makes The Dream Work - GK Hair Train The Trainer 2022

Growth, in every field of life, follows a predetermined paradigm, where you start from scratch, building bit by bit, learning more as you move ahead, until you are at the top of the pyramid. But growth never stops, not even when you have mastered everything your profession asks for. Joseph Joubert once said: “To teach is to learn twice”. Once you have mastered the art of learning, it’s time to learn the art of teaching. GK Hair took precedence in helping others create an impact and manifested this idea in Train The Trainer 2022. 


This two-day event held in Tampa, Florida on August 28th, 2022 hosted the experts of the hair color industry along with independent salon artists. The event featured a wide range of topics, from live demonstrations and the newest hair trends to the significance of technical business-building strategies like marketing and sales through digital platforms. Our professional hair experts shed light on the Bamboo Hair Coloring Technique demonstrated with Juvexin Cream Colors and Lightening Range. Color-correction, one of the most common concerns of hair artists, was elaborated in detail along with the application process of GK Hair Keratin Taming Treatments, including The Best Vegan Smoothing Treatments. Through in-depth presentations and Q&A sessions, the GK Hair Educators skilfully poured everything into words and vision to help salon artists learn. 


Not only this, GK Hair as the sole organizer of the event also provided salon artists with several chances to win high-end GK Hair goodies through fun pre-class assignments. For each participant, the brand curated a special pack filled with sulfate-free, high-end products including Vegan Taming Treatment, Vegan Shampoo & Conditioner Duo, the bestseller Argan Oil Serum, and many others. 

The event turned out to be a great success in terms of sharing knowledge and imparting skills, expertise, and wisdom onto others. Special thanks to our humble educators and the participants for taking out the time to grace with their presence and make the event a success. Team GK Hair once again proved that teamwork, when done right, leaves a powerful impact on its own. Train The Trainer has been an impeccable event proving time and again the importance of learning, absorbing, training, and sharing.