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There are days when your hair looks sleek, perfect, and top-notch, and then there are days when your hair looks like it’s just had a frizz attack. On days when your hair is high-maintenance, managing your tresses feels like an extremely tiring job. No matter what you do, these strands just don’t get tamed. To deal with this, several people go with hair taming treatments and other methods that make your hair more manageable, and reduce the hassle of styling everyday. These treatments treat your hair with the use of Juvexin V2, a kind of protein that repairs your hair shaft and maintains its health. 


Vegan Hair Treatment | GK Hair Vegan Products


What is Juvexin V2

Juvexin V2 is a kind of protein that makes up several parts of our body, including our skin, hair and nails, and can also be found in some of our internal organs. 95% of our hair is made up of Juvexin V2, and treating it with external repairs our tresses and takes care of hair cuticles. Obtained from the wool and feathers of different animals, Juvexin V2 is used in Vegan hair treatments and products to make our hair look healthier, more nourished.  

Hair Taming Treatments:

Commonly known as Vegan Hair Treatment, Hair Taming Treatments are a good option to go with if you’re tired of managing your dry, curly, or frizzy hair on a daily basis. The standard process of this treatment includes applying the treatment on clean, washed hair, blowing it dry, and then sealing it into the hair with a flat iron. Most of the professionals recommend waiting for at least 24 hours before washing your hair after getting the treatment, so that the product settles in and works well. This treatment reduces frizz, and straightens your hair for upto 4-6 months, depending on aftercare and your hair health. 



Our hair is made up of different kinds of bonds that maintain the texture, health, and shine of it. When these bonds break, our hair gets brittle, dry, and vulnerable. Vegan Hair Treatments temporarily repairs hair bonds, and improves its overall look by reducing breakage and split-ends. These treatments also repair your hair cuticle, the outer layer of your hair, and give your hair a healthier, more managed look. 


Hair Taming Treatment reduces frizz and flyaways, and improves the texture of your hair. It straightens your hair for up to several months, which makes it easier to style your hair and cut out the trouble of prepping your hair everyday. 


Curly hair, glamorous as it is, is very difficult to manage compared to straight hair. Maintaining curly hair needs a lot of time and care, and people with already hectic routines prefer to have hair that requires zero to low maintenance. Vegan treatment, in this regard, is considered an optimal solution, as it smooths and straightens your hair for an extended period of time, keeping it more manageable. 


Since Vegan Hair Treatments improve the texture of your hair, you don’t have the need to straighten your hair everyday. This prevents your hair from the damage that comes with heat-styling, and keeps your hair from drying out by retaining the moisture. 


The results of Vegan Hair treatments can last up to 6 months, if properly taken care of. Vegan treated hair needs products that are sulphate-free and has Juvexin V2 as the key ingredient so that the results could last long. Using harsh-chemical free products improves the hair health overall, meanwhile prolonging the results of the treatment. 


GK Hair | Vegan Hair Treatment

Vegan Hair Treatments: 

Vegan Hair Smoothing Treatments are really helpful in managing dry, damaged hair for months, but what would a vegan do? No matter how beneficial a Best Vegan Treatment  is, the fact remains that a vegan would not prefer a Vegan treatment. Therefore, to cater to the needs of our vegan fellows, GK Hair has introduced Vegan Hair Treatments, The Best Coco and The Best Acai. 

The Best Coco Treatment: 

GK Hair has recently had an addition to its vegan line and introduced two vegan taming treatments for our vegan pals. Fortified with natural, plant based ingredients, The Best Coco Treatment seeks to tame your hair, and gives a sleek, smooth effect that lasts upto five months. Its healthy ingredients revitalize your hair, retain the natural moisture and protect it from further damage. The Best Coco Treatment does not only rejuvenate your hair, but also promotes healthy hair growth. Although it’s a salon professional treatment, it offers smooth and easy application and can also be done at home. With a formula that combines nature and science, The Best Coco Treatment is scientifically backed, and derived with completely natural plant-based resources, which makes it the best vegan hair care for our vegan friends. 


Juvexin V2:

While GK Hair products contain Juvexin, a Vegan anti-aging protein blend derived from sheep wool, the vegan line is infused with Juvexin V2,  that is extracted from natural plant-based sources, i.e., Pea and Quinoa. This Vegan Juvexin seeks to restore hair to its natural healthy state and prevents further damage.