5 Easy To Use Products For A Hair | Botox Treatment At Home

Almost every hair problem has one simple solution: Botox Hair Treatment. Dry hair? Get a Hair Botox. Frizzy Hair? Get a Hair Botox. Dull hair? Get a Hair Botox. This hair treatment goes by many names, such as Keratin Treatment, Protein Treatment, Brazilian Protein Hair Treatment, and others, and serves the purpose of revitalizing your hair from within. A Botox Hair Treatment contains a protein, mostly keratin, as the key ingredient which seals the hair cuticles by filling in, thereby restoring hair health and shine. Although Hair Botox delivers the kind of results that we dream of, many people find it too exhausting to spend hours in a salon getting a treatment. For such fellas, we have jotted down a list of 5 easy-to-use Botox Keratin Treatments that you can easily use at home, as per your own convenience.



The Best Hair Treatment

The Best Treatment is, hands down, the Best Hair Botox Treatment for hair that needs a makeover. This professional Botox Keratin Treatment is designed to repair dry and damaged hair from the inside out and rejuvenate each individual hair shaft. Infused with natural ingredients, The Best Treatment works on all types of hair, be it damaged, curly, coarse, or color-treated, and cuts the styling time in half.

The Best Treatment contains Juvexin as the key strengthening agent that repairs the hair shaft from within. Juvexin is a keratin anti-aging protein blend that is optimized to deeply nourish hair and bring back its natural youthfulness. Moreover, Juvexin protects the hair from premature aging and prevents the hair from further environmental damage. The Natural Seed Extracts present within deliver gentle hydration and shine to your hair that lasts up to 5-6 months.


Best Coco Hair Treatment | GK Hair Coco


The Best Coco Treatment

The Best Coco Treatment follows as the second best Botox Hair Treatment at home that can be used as per one’s own convenience. Although this treatment delivers the same results as The Best Treatment, The Best Coco contains the hallmark of being a pure vegan treatment. Infused with natural plant-based ingredients, The Best Coco has been developed to serve the vegan audience.

The Best Coco Treatment contains Vegan Juvexin derived from Pea Protein and Quinoa, which instantly tames down your unruly hair and makes up for hair’s natural keratin loss. Moreover, it creates a protective shield to keep hair from further damage. This keratin Botox treatment also contains Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, and Goji Berry Extracts that not only deliver deep hydration, but also boost elasticity and bounce.


Best Acai Hair Treatment | GK Hair USA


The Best Acai Treatment

The Best Acai Treatment also comes under the category of vegan hair care, and is particularly designed to tame frizz-prone hair at home. This Botox keratin Treatment, although similar in benefits, differs slightly from The Best Coco based on the ingredients. The Best Acai contains Juvexin V2, Acai Berries Extracts, Grapeseed Oil, and Vitamin E. The powerful blend of these super ingredients works magic on your hair, leaving it silky smooth and frizz-free for up to several months. The Best Acai is completely safe to use on all kinds of hair, owing to its natural ingredients, and puts your hair worries to rest.


Resistant Hair Treatment | GK Hair USA


Resistant Hair Treatment

Although slightly different in application process, Resistant Treatment also offers an easy-to-use application and delivers optimal results. While The Best Treatment range follows the application process of hair wash, product application, washing it out and blow-drying, Resistant Treatment doesn’t need to be washed out and is blow-dried/flat-ironed onto the hair.

This Botox Hair Treatment is formulated with Juvexin, along with Anti-Static Agents and Coconut Oil, which together serve multiple purposes. The magical blend helps the hair retain natural moisture, prevents frizz and environmental damage, and maintains smooth and nourished strands for up to 6 months.


Miami Bombshell Treatment | GK Hair USA


Miami Bombshell Treatment

Miami Bombshell Treatment is particularly tailored to maintain blonde hair and offers quick, effective and easy application for home users. This treatment revives your blonde hair and boosts elasticity and natural luminance.

Miami Bombshell features Juvexin, which revamps your blonde tresses and keeps it protected from harmful factors. The Natural Oils and Pearl Extracts present within maintain natural hair hydration to achieve optimal hair health and moisture. Moreover, Miami Bombshell Treatment counteracts unwanted orange, yellow, or brassy tones that keep showing up in your gorgeous blondes.

A bonus tip: Taking care of your hair is not difficult if you know the right way. Use aftercare GK Hair products such as Moisturizing Duo and Leave-In Conditioners to prolong the effects of Hair Botox.