5 Famous Easter Traditions

Easter celebrations are all about colored eggs, easter bunny, new outfits, flowers and presents. Every place has some must-have Easter traditions which pass on from generation to generation, and never get old. For your ease, we’ve rounded up some fun Easter traditions to try out this year.

A Church Visit:

A visit to church is one of the earliest Easter traditions of Easter. Families go to church, pay their respects and celebrate their roots to Christianity.



Easter Bunny:

Of course, there is no Easter without the Easter Bunny. The legend says that every Easter, a beautiful, cute bunny with fluffy tail and long ears visits and brings Easter baskets filled with chocolates, toys and colorful eggs.


Famous Easter Traditions

Egg Roll Contest:

Another centuries-old Easter tradition is the egg roll contest. After the kids find their baskets and colorful Easter Bunny eggs, they have a contest to roll painted, hard boiled eggs off a nearby hill. The one whose egg reaches down first and in one piece, wins.

Easter Outfit:

Wearing a new Easter outfit is the most popular tradition of Easter. Need a suggestion to pick up an Easter outfit that looks classy? Try to play around with pastels. Easter with pastel dresses is a combination that never goes wrong.

Feast and Presents:

Like many other events, Easter features a magnificent feast containing good luck ham or lamb chops, boiled eggs, easter biscuits, hot cross buns, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables, and finally, an Easter cake. Presents are also an important tradition, but these presents aren’t only for kids. An Easter gift basket filled with sweet candy and chocolates is a treat even for adults. If you’re looking for a unique idea to Gift your loved ones this Easter, you can Gift GK Hair Products to show that you care for their lovely tresses. 

And there you go with a rounded up list of Easter traditions. Pick the ones which you haven’t had fun with in a long time and try them out with your family and friends this Easter.