Dry Hair Treatment For Dry, Damaged Hair

Hair is such a blessing of nature if it is beautiful and manageable. Similarly, hair can be a nuisance if it is unruly and damaged. You cannot have the reward of flawless hair until you work for it. The biggest hair problem, faced by every person at a particular stage, is dry hair. Hair Dryness is basically caused by multiple reasons:


  • When your scalp is not producing enough oil to moisturize your hair. As you grow up your scalp produces less oil. Your roots are underneath your scalp and a dry scalp is not able to transport moisture to your hair strands.
  • The moisture is escaping your hair: Each hair strand has a protective layer known as the cuticle. A healthy cuticle seals the moisture inside the hair, keeping it smooth and soft. When your hair cuticles are weak and peel away, they are unable to protect your hair from environmental effects, hence letting the moisture escape.
  • Your hair can get dry due to environmental factors like spending more time in the sun or wind, swimming in a pool of chlorinated water or living in a dry climate.
  • You can develop hair dryness if you shampoo your hair more frequently or if you use a harsh shampoo. Chemical treatments can also cause dry hair.
  • Insufficient diet: You can also get dry hair if you are not consuming sufficient diet. If your diet is low in protein, the hair is unable to develop keratin which acts as a shield on your hair.
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When your hair are dry, brittle and weak from inside, They appear lifeless, dull and frizzy. You tend to lose hair when your scalp is dry and dandruff makes your life difficult. The outer layer of your hair reflects shine and luster if your hair is healthy internally. You need a dry hair treatment if you want to get rid of dry hair.

There are different treatments for dry hair

  • Oil your hair:

    An effective dry hair treatment is oiling your hair. Oiling your hair twice a week provides moisture to the hair and scalp. When you oil your hair, it is moisturized and the oil provides nourishment to your hair.
  • Do not use a shampoo with harsh and harmful chemicals:

    These shampoos contain sulfates and surfactants which create lather but tend to steal away your hair moisture making it dry. Use the GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo on your hair. It moisturizes your scalp and provides nourishment to your hair strands. The shampoo eliminates dry hair and frizz making it soft, smooth and shiny. The GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo is free of harmful chemicals and is a solution for dry hair.


  • Condition your hair properly:

    You apply more lotion to your skin when its dry, similarly your hair needs moisture. Do use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair. When you shampoo your hair, your hair cuticles open up and lose the moisture. Use the GKhair Moisturizing Conditioner after shampooing your hair to provide internal conditioning. The GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo penetrates your hair shaft, moisturizing it from inside. After conditioner, wash your hair with cold water to lock the hair cuticles. The GKhair Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner is a complete dry hair treatment.


    • Deep Condition your hair once a week

Dry Hair Treatment, GKhair, Moisturizing Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave In Cream, Black hair, Haircare



  • Dry hair treatment with the deep conditioner is one of the most effective solution. It deeply penetrates the hair shaft, restoring your hair strength. It maintains the hair health, protecting each strand from heat styling and chemical damages.

  • Get a Keratin Treatment

    The Best Juvexin keratin treatment by GKhair is a solution to frizzy, damaged hair. It is a hair taming treatment which eradicates dry and damaged hair. The Best is a long term dry hair treatment which makes your hair smooth, soft and healthy.

  • Protect your hair

    You can also use the GKhair Leave In Cream before going to the beach. It protects your hair from UV/UVA rays and environmental damage. Serum and Cashmere by GKhair can be used after shampooing hair as a dry hair treatment to protect hair from damage and keep hair moisturized.

GKhair Products Give Your Hair The Best Dry Hair Treatment

GKhair uses the best quality products for its user’s satisfaction. There are no harmful chemicals in these products and they are cruelty-free. Dry hair treatment with these products will be long term and will not damage your hair further. All GKhair products contain Juvexin which is a keratin anti-aging protein blend. Juvexin restores hair to its youthful state while protecting against future damage. So, protect your cuticles from damage and prevent your hair from losing moisture because dry, damaged hair appear very unpleasant.