Miami Bombshell Treatment - Complete Blonde Hair Transformation

Miami Bombshell

There is something about blonde hair that demands attention. Time and time again, it has been the one trend that never really dies out. But as much as blonde hair receives attention for being the head-turner, it also comes under the radar when it is anything less than perfect. And it’s in times like these that blondes really wish they had a quick fix. Enter Miami Bombshell Treatment - the one hair product that transforms blonde hair and gives it the cool edge it rightfully deserves.

The secret to staying classy and not going brassy lies in how well you take care of your mane and how thoughtfully you subject your hair to treatments and products. Going blonde is easy, but a fair share of effort goes into maintaining the vibrance and overall health of blonde hair.



Would you believe it if we said that taking care of brassy undertones, dulling hair and other concerns was in a bottle? Well, it is! The Miami Bombshell treatment has been time and again trusted by beautiful ladies with blonde hair, for effective and long-lasting results. Miami Bombshell is a treatment developed specifically for blonde hair, to nourish and beautify it from within while restoring hair to a healthy state while keeping up the vibrance. It additionally tames the hair and repairs damage from styling, coloring, and excessive heat. The Miami Bombshell Treatments contains Juvexin - a signature keratin blend that nourishes hair and makes it healthy from the inside out in addition to giving it a silky, smooth, and soft texture. It also contains the natural nourishment of thoughtfully sourced ingredients like pearl extracts for long-lasting results.


  • Smoothes and straightens blonde hair
  • Blue base neutralizes unwanted brassy tones
  • Eliminate frizz
  • Cuts Styling Time to Half
  • Intense Repair and Shine
In addition to being extremely effective, the application is quick. Here’s how to implement the Miami Bombshell in 6 easy steps.


  1. Wash hair with pH+ shampoo twice
  2. Apply Miami Bombshell through the length of the hair beginning 1/4 inch away from the scalp
  3. Process for 30 minutes under heat
  4. Wash with Silver Bombshell or Moisturizing Shampoo, Apply Deep Conditioner or Lock Me Color Masque for 5 minutes
  5. Blow-dry the hair 100%
  6. Seal the cuticle with a flat iron


Tamed, silky and vibrant looking blonde hair.

Before and After Miami Bombshell Treatment

Results last anywhere between 3-5 months depending on how well you follow an aftercare routine. The Miami Bombshell Treatment is ideal whether you have colored hair or natural hair. Give the Miami Bombshell Treatment a shot if your blonde hair needs a dose of extra love and care, we promise you will love the results and be amazed by how you’ve done without this product all this while.

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