Modern Salon’s Independent Bootcamp




A person who sets up and runs a business on their own

This is what an independent hair artist is; a solopreneur building their career in the hair care industry by either renting within a salon or a suite setting. While these independent artists love to operate an entire small business on their own, they also agree on the importance of networking, community, and expert advice from the ones who have seen the limits of the sky. For such talented, keen-on-learning folks, Modern Salon, along with the sponsorship of GK Hair and many others, organized an impactful event known as



Independent Bootcamp 2022

This one-day event covering a multitude of action-oriented drills went beyond the premises of basic business-building strategies and took a deep dive into the technicalities of salon business management including social media marketing, retailing, editorial styling, and much more. The event turned out to be a huge success not only for the independent hair artists but also for the educators as they went the extra mile to train the artists. A fearless platoon of highly skilled professionals discussed the modern trends of the hair care industry and helped the artists understand what they need to learn to thrive as a solopreneur. The session incorporated several business-building drills, which helped the independent artists understand the importance of being the sharpest tool in the shed. Finally, the long, exhilarating day ended with the cheers of joy and conversations of success with cocktails in hand in the lounge of Armature Works, Tampa, Florida. 


Independent Bootcamp 2022 in Tampa, Florida | GK Hair


Although the event in itself was full of motivation, energy, and learning, Modern Salon, along with its sponsors, decided to surpass the expectations and gave out free Swag Bags to each participant with hair care items worth more than $300. GK Hair, being one of the sponsors of the event, also participated in its fullest and decided to give out the entire range of our newly developed Vegan Taming System, including pre-treatment and post-treatment products. The mind-feeding event was concluded with the artists having education, motivation, and expert advice from industry experts, which is eventually going to help them build themselves as independent salon professionals, and thrive in the industry. 

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