Signs of Damaged Hair When You Need A Protein Conditioner

What can a protein conditioner do for your hair?

Sometimes your hair needs more than just a shampoo. Day to day styling and exposure to wind, dust, humidity and UV rays damage your hair. Most shampoos contains sulfate. These sulfates dry up your hair and strip off the upper layer from your hair. Using such chemicals and heat styling all together weaken your hair and make it look dry and damaged. Just like your body, your hair needs protein to stay healthy and grow. When your hair lacks protein or sufficient nutrition, your hair becomes unhealthy. Here is a list of some signs to show that your hair lacks nutrition and needs a protein conditioner.

  1. Feeling of Dryness

When you move your hand through your hair, it feels rough and brittle. No matter how many products you use to moisturize it, it feels like a rugged sack. Dry hair gets easily tangled and lacks the smoothness. Dry hair is a sign or damaged, unhealthy hair.

  1. Unmanageability

    7 Signs Your Hair Needs a Protein Conditioner | GK Hair

    What can a protein conditioner do for your hair?

Damaged hair is difficult to style and you need to spend a long time just to make it look tidy. If your hair gets easily tangled and you cannot keep your strands smooth, it is a sign of internal damage. Damaged hair is hard to style and keeps on becoming frizzy and looks messy.

  1. No Luster

Despite using shine sprays, leave in products and gels, your hair lacks shine. The natural shine of your hair is lost which is the initial sign of damaged hair. This usually happens due to heat styling when your hair loses its natural moisture and glow.

  1. Split Ends

Split ends are one of the most obvious sign of damaged and unhealthy hair. Wrap a small section of your hair around your finger and if you see splits at the hair ends, your hair is internally damaged. This shows that your hair ends are not getting enough nourishment.

  1. High Porosity

When you wash your hair, the water gets absorbed quickly. This is a sign of porous hair. This sign shows that your hair cannot retain moisture inside. When your hair cuticle is damaged, it loses moisture as fast it absorbs it.

What can a protein conditioner do for your hair?

  1. Color Lasting

Damaged or over process hair might not take color well. The same shade of the same brand that you have been using since the beginning might seem less intense or off tone. The color fade also occurs faster on damaged hair.

  1. Hair Breakage

What can a protein conditioner do for your hair?

Damaged hair is brittle and less flexible. You can suffer hair shedding and breakage when you comb your hair or shampoo it. Losing 50-100 hair a day is normal but if your hair shedding or breakage is constantly increase, your hair is unhealthy.

Most of the hair problems are related to lack of nutrition and moisture. Anyone can face these problems as we use hair care products with harmful chemicals, we get color services and use heating tools for styling. I cannot stop you from these products and styling activities, but a protein conditioner can prepare and fortify hair against everyday trauma that your hair takes from styling. GK Hair has a list of protein conditioners for your hair that you can choose from.

Protein Conditioner | A Solution to Your Hair Problems

GK Hair Deep Conditioner

To revive your hair health and to eliminate hair frizz and dryness, you need to condition your hair with a protein conditioner. GK Hair Deep Conditioner is a protein deep conditioning treatment to moisturize and nourish the hair tube internally. This protein conditioner restores hair strength, protects hair from damage caused by products with harmful chemicals and styling tools. The advice is to get a deep conditioning treatment with the GK Hair protein conditioner after every 2 weeks to get a supply of protein deep inside the cortex. Then the protein is gradually transported to the other parts of the hair.

What can a protein conditioner do for your hair?

GK Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

Whenever you shampoo your hair, your hair cuticles get opened. This can allow the moisture to escape from your hair. GK Hair Moisturizing Conditioner seals in the moisture and locks your hair cuticles to keep them moisturized. This protein conditioner fills the gaps in the hair’s cuticle caused by damage, smoothing it out and giving it the reinforcement it needs to stand up for daily styling and extensive treatments.

Leave-In Conditioner Cream

GK Hair’s Leave-In Conditioner Cream delivers moisture to each strand. The protein conditioner forms a protective shield on hair to protect it from styling and environmental damages. It sedates frizz and eliminates flyaways and dryness. The Leave-In Conditioner protects hair while you are swimming in chlorinated water and strengthens hair. The conditioner softens your hair and prevents it from tangling.

Other conditioners offered by GK Hair include the Balancing Conditioner, which clarifies your hair and removes excess product buildup, making your hair oil free and fresh. Juvexin Shield Conditioner forms a UV/UVA protection shield that will help block harmful sun rays that usually cause hair dryness and split ends. All conditioners in the GK Hair range contain a special anti-aging protein blend known as Juvexin. Juvexin has the capability of restoring hair to its youthful state and to protect it from future damage. The protein conditioner range by GK Hair provides hair with the lost hair protein, repairs damage and protects it from future damage. A protein conditioner prepares hair to bear the damages and stay healthy in every condition. Buy GK Hair Conditioners up to your hair types and enjoy amazing hair results today.