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5 Stylist-Approved Hair Care Must Haves In Winter

Wondering why your hair looks frizzy and lackluster all of a sudden? Your hair is going through the effects of seasonal change. Winters always bring about the worst in our hair. Frizz, flyaways, dryness, dandruff, split-ends and whatnot, it’s all there. The... Continue reading

Hair Problems in Winter 2022- Expert Solutions!

Winter and hair problems go hand in hand. Just as you enjoy snowflakes, rains and cold air, you’re also tired of dry, brittle hair and... Continue reading

How to Protect Your Hair While Travelling - 2022 Holiday Season Guide

There is no other joy that can replace the joy of travel. With Christmas and holidays almost here, you might already be packing all your things and prepping for the sunbath, saltwater waves and whatnot. Mind you, your hair is going to... Continue reading

How To Fix A Bad Hair Day?

You have already tried every hairstyle that could possibly come to your mind and your hair still doesn’t get any better – congratulations! You’re having... Continue reading

How To Determine The Ideal Hair Care Routine Your Hair Type?

Here’s something you should know: when it comes to self-care, hair care also comes along. Many of us are so focused on polishing our skins, our hair doesn’t get even half of that attention. One thing to note here is that the... Continue reading
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