Fashionable Hair Colors to Suggest to your Customers

Trending hair colors for 2021 you should absolutely try

As a hair stylist, you are probably used to customers walking in your salon, showing you images of celebrity runway hair colors that they want. Usually, you get a lot of customers asking for your suggestions as well. Your professional acumen may or may not have all the answers for your customers, but at least giving your best advice can be the solution. And therefore, we are giving you here, something more to work with.

Some Fashionable Hair Colors

We have selected three very trendy hair transformations by some very hard working artists using GKhair's Juvexin Cream Colors. You can have a look at the formulas and the techniques to replicate these looks, or innovate them further! There may be so many ways in which you've created lovely looks with these colors. However, these looks will probably give you a different perspective.

Cherry Highlights

Who isn’t a fan of bright red? Lately, it has been the talk of the town almost everywhere! Here you can see a lovely transformation carried out by Juanel Pacheco. To achieve these cherry red highlights, he used GKhair's Juvexin Lightening Powder+ for lightening the dark tones, and then used Juvexin Cream Color 5.56 for the base and Red Red Bombshell Color Masque, to enhance the highlights.Fashionable Hair Colors - Cherry Highlights by Juanel Pacheco

Living Coral

Coral may be a spin on Rose Gold but either way these tones have made it to the limelight and are here to stay! While there are many ways you can play around with these coral hues, we have chosen a fabulous transformation by Tricia Ostrom. For pre-lightening the hair, she used GKhair Juvexin Lightening Cream. To get the gorgeous color you see, she mixed Juvexin Cream Color 9.21 with hints of Red and Yellow Mixtones. Watch how Tricia created another lovely Rose Balayage, here!Fashionable Hair Colors - Living Coral by Tricia Ostrom

Ash Blonde

Fashionable Hair Colors - Ash Blonde by Shelley Allanson Fashionable Hair Colors - Ash Blonde by Shelley Allanson

We see so many pretty shades of blonde around. For this post however, we have chosen a lovely ash blonde balayage which Shelley Allanson created. For lightening, she used Miami Beach Bombshell Clay Lightening Powder which gives 8+ levels of lift and is perfect for removing brassy undertones from hair. She toned the transformation further with Juvexin Cream Color 10.12 and a dash of Violet Mixtone.

These are only three of the colors that rule the trend today and we don't see them going away for a long while. Apart from these, there are a number of other hair colors that we all dearly love! In our color line that has 87+ shades, we are sure you can find the exact shade you're looking for! Got a lovely look to share? Reach out to us in the comments section and let us know what you like!